Customer Service

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Customer Service

Welcome employees of Glendale Water ‘n Ice and Drip Drop Water Stop.

Customer Service is the most important part of your job. Our intention in this course is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to be as successful as possible.

This course consists of 3 main lessons and a summary.  Each lesson is intended to take approximately 30 minutes to complete. At the end of each lesson is a short quiz that you are required to get at least an 80% grade to pass.

Once you have completed this course feel free to return to review the contents at any time.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this Course you will be able to:

  • List the key elements of customer service
  • Outline and explain the 5 basic needs of customers
  • Describe how to make a positive first impression on customers
  • Provide customer service over the phone using best practice
  • List the steps needed to begin the problem solving process in customer service
  • Identify the everyday practices needed to provide excellent customer service



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